Born and raised in Stockholm, I danced at the Royal Swedish Ballet School for nearly a decade, Upon graduation I received a scholarship and left to study at the Boston Ballet School and six months later moved to San Francisco to join Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet apprentice program. 

I'm intrigued by body/mind methods and have practised yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique and Romette Floorbarre all around the world. Despite my severe scoliosis as a child I chose to not go through surgery to pursue a dance career and instead started seeking out alternative strengthening methods. At age eleven I was one of the first people in Sweden practicing Gyrotonic, for at the time Pilates was still undiscovered in Scandinavia. Throughout the coming years, I had influences of Pilates in my daily dance practice, but the first time I came across the actual method was in Stockholm at Pilates Scandinavia. I was certified by Fredrik Fransson and Elisabet Davidsson in 2007. Within the course of a year I was a member of Compania danca de Lisboa in Portugal and studying Sport psychology at the University of Stockholm. With my knowledge in arts, sports, and healing refined and focused, and with a growing passion for Classical Pilates, I moved to New York City in 2008 to study at re:AB Pilates with Brooke Siler. Upon graduating I became a senior teacher and Program director of the re:AB Pilates certification.

Seeking a less hectic lifestyle, and feeling a strong connection to the city, I moved to San Francisco and taught at Dharmaspace Pilates, YogaWorks, ODC, Pilates Center of San Francisco and Keep it Classical (current). In 2016, I joined Bridging Consciousness, a business platform dedicated to helping high-achieving leaders create a burnout-free life, empowering participants to redefine how to live, love and lead from the heart. In 2016 I co-hosted BC's first Recharge Advantage Retreat at the California Institute of Integral studies. 

In the Bay area, I have worked with many local choreographers, doing commercial work, and various video projects. I was part of installations by Tino Sehgal at the Berkley Art Museum and the Wattis gallery and danced with RAWdance, Capacitor, James Graham Dance Theatre and many more. In July 2015 I was selected by Johannes Wieland to perform his work at the One Small Step festival in Korfu.

Since 2011, I have been a member of Garrett + Moulton Productions and perform regularly at Yerba Buena Center for the Art, ODC theatre, JCCSF, City Hall and national touring. This year I was honored to receive the prestigious "Izzie" (Isadora Duncan Dance Award) for best individual performer of the year. 

I grew up traveling the globe, and I'm always dreaming about them next escape. In 2015 I partnered up with my dear friend an yoga teacher, Lauren Slater and founded Yoga Pilates Adventures, a wellness Pilates and yoga travel retreat company dedicated to direct students to a path of exploration, health and pure happiness.

I’m constantly questioning how far one can push the physical body while simultaneously achieving complete mental clarity, to become effective yet harmonious in all aspects of life. This constant duality, finding the balance between the two polarities in myself and others, is my life mission and constant joy. I love coaching and strongly believe in creating challenging sessions, kept in a safe and realistic frame. I want my students to bring their Classical Pilates knowledge into all aspects of life and I encourage my clients to commit to a healthy  lifestyle.

“With body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a co-ordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person” -J.Pilates

An experimental dance video to Moby's Lie Down In Darkness directed by Michael Winokur in October 2016.