Use your mind to control and reshape your body.

Pilates is an exercise system created to strengthen, stretch and over all tone your body. The creator of the method, Joseph H. Pilates, developed a rigorous system in the 1920’s (Art of Contrology) that to this day, when understood correctly, will transform your life. It is a deep workout that equally massages your internal organs as it strengthens the structure. We cannot find the “perfect body” or meet our specific needs if the body is not in tune from the core out. 

This is an intelligent way of exercising, protecting the body from potential injuries, bringing you closer to your goals, no matter if it is getting ready for a race or be pain free when executing everyday tasks. I custom tailor all the sessions, and you will be meet with a clear plan on how we will work, setting up goals, talking about your body patterns, tendencies and how to change as efficiently as possible. Once you tap into the Pilates principles it will be hard to resist thinking about them on a daily basis, and that awareness will speed up our process; this is the Path to self–sufficiency. 

In a society that primarily focuses on multitasking and “quick fixes” it is extremely important to find a routine for your body, mind and spirit: I encourage you to tune into your own system and really understand it! It is unfortunate how many people don’t understand the importance of talking care of their “machinery” and then suddenly are surprised when things fail to perform they way they should. 

It's simply logic, invest in your body now and you will last longer.